internet It is so wonderful to see George’s growing relationships with those close to him.

no prescription Lamictal on line pharmacy The people that have invested so much time with George on a regular basis are really starting to reap the reward now. His OT, educators and speech therapist now get cuddles, kisses and smiles every time they see him. His trust in people and the way he shows his playfulness and affection is one of the most heartwarming things to see. I truly believe that he senses the non-judgemental people that just want the best for him and he gravitates toward them. His frustration is still there on occasion, but he is able to calm himself and focus on other things

George has been in speech therapy for about 12 months now and today he said “bird”, “car” and made a car sound! This is huge! It makes all of the shitty sessions all worth it – and there have been a few. But, there is a lot more to focus on then just words, and George’s attention, interaction and communication is just skyrocketing!

It’s so amazing to see my little boys understanding and language really progress; I couldn’t be more proud.