It’s a bit surreal that I am at the final stages of publishing my first book.  I have worked extremely hard and I just can’t wait to hold that little beauty in my hand and share it with the world.  I have been really lucky to have found some wonderful people who have given me guidance, inspiration and have helped me navigate the unknown territory of a first time author.

George is doing SO well.  His interaction, attention and learning has come leaps and bounds.  Brett and I are so proud of him and we get so much joy from seeing him grow.  He is so loving and has the most wonderful laugh.  We’ve had a couple of big moments too.  George was at creche last week and the music man came in for his regular interactive performance.  George is usually off doing his own thing, but this time was different.  He stood amongst the group and became interested by the guitar that the music man was strumming.  His curiosity got the better of him and he just had to see it up close.  In no time, George was strumming the guitar and laughing with pure joy.  The fantastic educators captured some great photos of the moment and they could not wait to tell me about this huge step when I picked George up later that day.

George’s receptive language has really blossomed this week too.  He understands when I tell him that it is bath time, ask him if he would like a snack or ask him to come to me to put his shoes on.  His self regulation is also coming along beautifully.  He can still become upset and frustrated, but those meltdowns are relatively short now and not happening multiple times every day.  He will also look at me for an explanation or reassurance during these moments, which is huge.

Onward and upwards!