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A Lesson in Patience is an honest, informative and personal story about parenting a child with significant developmental delays. As a first-time mother, Loretta Wellard shares her experiences to bring awareness, knowledge and understanding, in a memoir about raising her beautiful boy who is not quite reaching some of those magnificent milestones… yet.

An inspirational story about motherhood, A Lesson in Patience explores the challenges, joys and fears. It is about overcoming obstacles and doing all you can to support your child and finding a better version of yourself along the way. This book is an empowering account of life with a child who needs just a little extra and reminds parents that they are not alone.

Buy neurontin gabapentin, Neurontin retailers

Our life is often shaped by challenges that occur beyond our control. The way we respond to these challenges can determine whether we have a good or bad outcome. Loretta Wellard’s book A Lesson in Patience demonstrates that self-enrichment and self-empowerment can follow when we have the resilience, determination and skills to seek solutions and focus on the positives. Loretta also shows that story-writing is an effective way to navigate and find our our way through the storms in life. Whether writing our story for our own self, or writing to share with others, the process can promote self-healing and help us feel that our life experience counts. The catalyst for writing a story can come from unexpected sources. For Loretta, a reading with a psychic sparked her urge to write. She took to the task with gusto and in doing so, has produced a candid, frank and deeply moving and inspiring memoir about her little boy, George. Enjoy.

June Alexander



A Lesson in Patience is an emotional and personal book that details a first time parents’ struggles to understand and seek help with their sons developmental delays.
There is no facade here, no pretense, no cover-up and no self pity. Loretta tells her story about George and their journey with sincerity and honesty. With the foreword written by her husband, this really is a parenting partnership and giving us not only a view into how Loretta handled the challenges, but also reveals how her husband handles the situation.
Loretta has found that the rewards that come with celebrating George’s rich character and not focusing on what is perceived as his delays, have given her joy, passion and above all a deeper sense of what it takes to be a parent.
I appreciate her raw honesty and humor. Thank you Loretta for opening up and writing such a personal story about your life.

Rebecca from Melbourne