buy dapoxetine approval It’s days like today that i’m reflective of the changes in George over the last couple of months.
His interaction is a joy.  As I dropped him off at creche this morning I watched him interact with a couple of his educators. His eye contact, playfulness and understanding is so far beyond what it has been.
Another cool thing is being able to go for a walk with George without him running off.  It sounds simple, but for all of the parents of ‘runners’, walking down the street holding hands with your son is a pleasure that I certainly don’t take for granted.  Sure, there are still challenges but there is also great development.  George has had two sessions with a new speech therapist and he is settling in really well.  Certainly not the same kid that needed multiple sessions to adjust to a new person or new environment.  He is getting to be so resilient and so stubbornly persistent (i’ll take credit for passing that on).
It often feels like we’ve been doing therapy sessions for far longer than we actually have. I have to remind myself sometimes that he is still only 3 (nearly 4).  He is still so young and has time to grow and learn.  I am so grateful for him and I tell him everyday that I love him and that I am proud of him.  If all he needs is two besotted parents that will bend over backward for him – this kid is set! L